Friday, March 28, 2008

Self Diagnosis = OCG

All the obvious symptoms lead me to believe that I was clearly born with an overactive creative gland. That might sound like bragging, but I’m serious when I say it keeps me up at night. More ideas than time. Work vs. hobby. Create one-of-a-kinds or mass produce?

The one thing that keeps my OCG running smooth is logo design. Switching it up. Focusing my (at-home) career on logo design has been extremely stimulating for the simple fact that my client base is so diverse. Logos from Pest Control to Baby Apparel. Kettlebell Training to Nail Salon. Poker Apparel to Home Bakers. Oil & Gas Company to Antique Store. IT Company to Elementary School. You get the idea. All with the added bonuses of not only great people to work for, but the thrill of helping create an identity for a first-time business owner.