Saturday, October 9, 2010

Portfolio Update: Wildlife Commission and Flavorstitch

My husband, Jeff, has served on the Sonoma County Fish & Wildlife Commission for close to 5 years now. So when the board recently discussed the idea of having a logo created for the F&WC, guess who raised their hand.
Being sure to illustrate the deer silhouette with the correct antler style of those native to our region, I also designed a mirroring fish and duck as well. This logo will be used on various signs for grant recipients, apparel and more.

Good friend and popular blogger, Selena Cate (aka Apron Thrift Girl) has a wonderful new food blog, Flavorstitch. Selena shares everything from product and store reviews to shopping and serving ideas as well as great recipes. You can’t help but appreciate her authentic mid-century modern style. And, if you have a gluten-free household, you’re going to especially love her new blog.