Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wash Day: Photoshop Filters

I’ve been looking for a good reason to buy this fun package of Photoshop image filter effects appropriately named Permanent Press, by Mr. Retro. {LINK} I have a fun vintage-style project in the works and figured it was due time I had some fun of my own in Photoshop. I’m much more Illustrator savvy, but it is easy enough to create an image in Illustrator and simply copy it over onto a Photoshop page as a smart object.

The filters allow you to give your artwork cool effects, from comic book and halftone to letterpress and concert poster and many, many more. Each effect can then be tweeked in dozens of ways. This filter was $99 in download format.

Below is my logo in it’s original state first then as altered with a few of the fun filters all created within a matter of one or two minutes each. And if you think these are cool, wait until you see what it does with photos! Check out the site link above for some great examples.