Sunday, September 20, 2009

For The Love of Red Trucks

There’s something about an old red truck. Charm, strength, friendliness, character, history, and hardworking. For me, the love of the red truck came one day in the early 90s when I was in perusing a boutique fabric store in Tahoe, California. This particular store had antiques peppered throughout as displays and a few for sale. The one that caught my eye, and is embedded forever in my mind, was a 1940s, red pressed-steel toy stake-bed truck that held a crawling ivy plant displayed above the bolts of fabric. At that very moment, it became my obsession to find a truck just like that that I could afford. I scoured ebay and antique fairs and eventually found my share of like trucks, some I kept, some I sold during my days as an antique dealer. Eventually, I became obsessed with actually owning one.

When I decided to narrow my graphic design projects to logo design, I figured what better icon for my own logo than the truck I love. I chose to model my truck as an early 50s generic style, no specific model. Since then, I have found that many other businesses chose a red truck as their identity. You know what they say about great minds. A few actually own an old red truck and a have their own story to tell.(1) Red Truck Wines (2) Red Truck Entertainment (3) Red Truck Beer (4) Red Truck Renovations (5) Red Truck Publishing (6) Step-Side Shorty Band (7) Red Truck Fly Fishing

Last week I was asked to design a new logo for a family rose nursery in Fillmore, California in need of a new look. They were planning to place the new logo on their father’s recently restored 1960 Ford F350 stake-bed truck.I suggested using the truck in their logo, as clearly, I think red trucks rock. They agreed and here are their new logotypes.

Please visit Otto & Son’s website HERE.