Friday, May 23, 2008

On thy grave

the rain shall fall
from the eyes
of a mighty

Thomas William Parsons

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

CLIENT PROFILE: Azz & Bzz Apparel

Baby Apparel. How fun is that?

Aubrey Baratta, a dynamic young mother in Sonoma, California, commisioned me to not only design logos for her company and new line of apparel, but also to illustrate the images to be printed on them. Here a few pieces from her first line. (Can you guess my favorite image?)

You will find her hang tags in my post about turning business cards into tags.

Watch for Azz & Bzz Apparel in childrens’ boutiques soon.
To contact Aubrey, visit her website, Azz & Bzz Apparel.

CLIENT PROFILE: Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Word of mouth logo design, you can’t beat it.

Ben Van Leeuwen contacted me for logo design back in March as he was in the beginning stages of a wonderful new concept: Artisan ice cream from a truck, with his first big launch in Brooklyn, NY. And to show you just how unique his product and business is, this is an exerpt from his creative brief:

“To give you an idea of the product, we use hormone free milk and cream from small family farms in New York State, cane sugar and egg yolks. We never use milk powder, corn syrup, stabilizers, or preservatives. We age organic Bourbon and Tahitian Vanilla Beans in oak barrels with vodka for 4 months to extract them. We use pure Sicilian Pistachios, hand picked by small family farmers on the slopes of Mount Etna in Bronte. We use Tonda La gentile origin certified Hazelnuts from Piedmont. We source our chocolate from Michel Cluizel in France( they use no Soya Lechitin!). We use Quinn Farms Hudson Valley red currants. We have set out to make the best readily available super-premium ice cream while also educating consumers on why slow food produced ingredients taste better.”

For additional photo and more on Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, click here and here!

Visit the website: Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Thursday, May 8, 2008

It’s a rare day when I hand my business card to someone and don’t get a great response. Usually, it’s a response over the pick-up truck, but I think my card carries weight for more than design, but also for actual weight.
I discovered a few years ago and since then have had many of my clients’ business cards printed through them.

The photos show a few examples of business cards I’ve designed and had printed through ONP. They include one and two-sided business cards, cards as hang tags and mini price tags (one card sliced and hole-punched.) All created and printed as actual business card files.

Here are a few good reasons why I continue to use and recommend

1. Price. You can’t beat the price for the quality. Understand this is not offset printing, it is digital. I don’t know how many other business cards from around the world are being printed on the same piece of stock as mine at the same time, but I am sure it’s quite a few. Therefor, actual printing may on occasion suffer from lack of good color correction, making it sometimes hard to match your first batch of 500 cards to your second printed 6 months later, but with most of my clients restricted to very limited start-up budgets, it’s a small sacrifice. There have been only a few times, maybe 5%, that I have had to request a reprint. It has NEVER been a problem. And, ONP is almost always running a promotion of one kind or another, usually equal to about $10 off your order.

2. Two-sided printing, and full bleed artwork- again for the price, can’t be beat.

3. Card stock. Beefy. I love this ultra smooth, satin heavy stock. It is one of the heaviest business cards you will ever hold in your hand, sans cardboard.

4. Rounded corners. Perfect for a unique look or for apparel hang tags. For large quantitiy hang tags, I have a local printer drill holes in preprinted cards for around $10/1000. Otherwise, a small hole punch and a glass of wine will get you through a couple hundred on your own. Occasionally, I design hang tags with a faux perforation using a dotted line.

5. UV coating. Seriously waterproof-looking varnish...when you need it. The UV coating can be isolated to specific graphics on your card for a cool effect, but one I’ve yet to try.

6. Ease of ordering. Well for me anyway. I’ve got the file set-up down after all this time and re-ordering cards is crazy easy. Oh, and PayPal, gotta love PP.