Tuesday, May 20, 2008

CLIENT PROFILE: Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Word of mouth logo design, you can’t beat it.

Ben Van Leeuwen contacted me for logo design back in March as he was in the beginning stages of a wonderful new concept: Artisan ice cream from a truck, with his first big launch in Brooklyn, NY. And to show you just how unique his product and business is, this is an exerpt from his creative brief:

“To give you an idea of the product, we use hormone free milk and cream from small family farms in New York State, cane sugar and egg yolks. We never use milk powder, corn syrup, stabilizers, or preservatives. We age organic Bourbon and Tahitian Vanilla Beans in oak barrels with vodka for 4 months to extract them. We use pure Sicilian Pistachios, hand picked by small family farmers on the slopes of Mount Etna in Bronte. We use Tonda La gentile origin certified Hazelnuts from Piedmont. We source our chocolate from Michel Cluizel in France( they use no Soya Lechitin!). We use Quinn Farms Hudson Valley red currants. We have set out to make the best readily available super-premium ice cream while also educating consumers on why slow food produced ingredients taste better.”

For additional photo and more on Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, click here and here!

Visit the website: Van Leeuwen Ice Cream


Anonymous said...

Did you design the truckside signage as well? Great work!

Kiasa said...

I just found you through Design Mom. And I recently ran into the Van Leeuwen ice Cream truck for the first time in the West Village. Very good ice cream! Awesome logo!

Jaimee said...