Thursday, June 26, 2008

Marina Meats, San Francisco

Marina Meats of San Francisco is the new meat market just down the street from its old location inside Marina Super. A beautiful expansion deserved a beautiful new identity and store front design. Having done both, I was also able to update the look of Marina Super’s image.

Joey Gandolfo, one of the proud owners and butcher of this wonderful store, is the latest of several past generations of his family to provide meat, poultry and fish to the Marina District of San Francisco, located in the neighborhood he grew up in. The store site went through quite a transition before Marina Meats moved in, and the results are amazing.

I worked primarily with Sandy Gandolfo, his wife, on creating this exciting new logo and storefront design. Just another example that you CAN successfully work with family...Sandy is my husband’s first cousin.

Please visit Marina Meats’ website for a very cool virtual tour!


Art by Sophie said...

i love family run buisnesses. i like the logo you designed, simple but stylish.


Margaret said...

I purchase meat & fish for our family every week from Joey. I love the personal service and the wonderful selection of great meat, poultry and fish that Marina Meats offers.


Jennifer said...

Oh how I wish we had a market like this! I don't normally like to hang around meat but your article and the wonderful family photo makes me think hard about it!

puglyfeet said...

I run errands for my boss a lot, so every week, I find myself on Chestnut St. I've driven by Marina Meats a million times and each time, I always said to myself: "Grrrrreat logo". So, you're the one behind the Marina Meats logo. You're amazing.

Oh, learned about your site through the blog, Coveiter: Your office is the Flickr Find of the day. I LOVE YOUR OFFICE, too!!! =)