Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Getting Published

During my earlier career, BK (before kids) I covered the map in different design projects and logos were just one of my specialties. I’ve had the privilege of having my work in several design publications, books and annuals for everything from package design, wine labels and store point-of-sale promotions to business cards and other promotional material. It is always great to be published with client’s work, but when it was my own self promotion, it was all the more exciting.

When I ran the design firm, Holden & Company, at Christmas time I designed and sent out promotional holiday packs that included custom die envelopes that held books with removable gift tags, wrapping paper and string. Here they are featured in one book.

Last year I was thrilled to find that my little red truck had been chosen for inclusion for publication in Logo Lounge 4. Logo Lounge is a phenomenon of the trademark world. Their site is a catalog of nearly 99,000 current logo designs. I have 79 logo designs cataloged on their site. You can visit a bit of the site, there’s plenty to see and read, but membership is required for access to search the logos. They choose from the most current logo submissions for publication of their latest book. This year, the competition was 33,000 logos. I was thrilled to see that one of my designs, Azz & Bzz Apparel, was chosen for LL5.

Here is a shot of the logo section of my book shelf. I don’t think you can’t have too much inspiration.

For more information on getting your work published, visit the website of your favorite book publishers and look for the section Call For Entries.

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Lisa Jo Perdue said...

I just have to say that we LOVE logo lounge. I could spend hours in there, and the search capabilities are amazing. I'm sure I've run across your logos without even realizing it. And I love the promotional pieces you've posted here. Back in the day, when I was full time designing, we would fret and go all out at Xmas for the clients. Now, not so much! But it was fun!