Monday, September 8, 2008

Local Sculpture, Homegrown Whimsey

“Mom! That truck was a Shark!” my daughter yelled in the car tonight (and I nearly drove off the road!)
Driving through Sebastopol, California, you can expect to hear things like that coming from your kids. That’s because Sebastopol is home to artist Patrick Amiot, who’s brightly painted sculptures consist of most things you’d only find at the landfill. Patrick, in my opinion, is the master of repurposing.
I don’t know Patrick personally, but I have enjoyed his art peppered throughout Sonoma County for years. And until I spotted this red truck on Flickr, my all time favorite was an enormous cartoonish cow, sitting quietly with a half-grin towards the traffic, in a huge roadside pasture along Highway 12. Once in a while, you will notice that the farmer has tucked hay into it’s mouth and the other real cows are eating from it.
To read more about this amazing talent click HERE. For more fabulous photos like the one shown, see the Flickr pics HERE and HERE. You can also go to the website he shares with his artist wife, Brigitte, HERE. And it looks as though soon you’ll be able to get your 2009 calendar HERE!

Red Truck photo courtesy of
travelinfool55’s Flickr photostream

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