Saturday, January 10, 2009

Photographer Profile: Nina Zhito

Over the years of being married to a fireman, I’ve had the great opportunity to know the woman who sees a different side of my husband than I do. His on-duty side, which she often captures in her amazing photographs.

Nina Zhito, a North Bay press, portrait and event photographer has captured some of Marin and Sonoma counties’ most amazing moments.

This black and white shot of Captain Rick King of the Petaluma Fire Department, taken during a feed mill silo fire, is one of my favorites. My other favorites are over on my JSIM blog.

Nina is represented by Zuma Press, a well-known international agency for photojournalism.

She also offers stock photos, specializing in first responders, lifestyle, and animal images.

These are just a few of her incredible photographs. Nina has covered so many tragic incidents as they occur, but she has also been there to capture more than her share of local service members’ processions and funerals. She would be quick to note that these are hard and stressful days.

To check out more of Nina Zhito’s photography- CLICK HERE.

I’d like to note that the last photograph is of the infamous Kentucky Street Fire in Petaluma. My husband was an off-duty Captain this day and eventually ended up working on that roof during the fire. I witnessed the entire thing from the second story window of a bank next door. It has all been documented in “The Fireman’s Wife”, a Memoir by Susan Farren, who’s husband was seriously injured when hit by a high-powered stream of water from a laddertruck while cutting a vent hole in the roof in the foreground. GREAT shot, Nina!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

She does amazing work. I can't imagine the kind of strength it takes to remain focused and in the zone whilst battling the most primal of human emotions; fear and love.

Jen said...

Thank you for sharing! Those are is her talent!

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful Work! Keep it up!